Volunteer Release


Dove Missions will make all necessary arrangements to provide you with the opportunity to work with and learn from local people in the community.  Dove Missions is a registered foundation in the Dominican Republic and the United States.  In this Agreement, “Dove Missions” means the corporations, its’ trustees, directors, officers, employees, field team leaders and agents.  “You” and “your” refers to the person signing this Agreement.

You agree to volunteer your time and talents to the best of your ability following Dove Missions guidelines and policies.


You further agree to the terms outlined in this document:

For International Service Programs, you will need a passport.  The Service Program minimum donation covers in-town (Puerta Plata) transportation to and from the field locations as well as the guidance of our Field Team Director.

You acknowledge that there are dangers in traveling to and volunteering in the Dominican Republic.  You agree to travel and participate at your own risk.  You agree to assume full responsibility for injury to You or your family, including death and emotional trauma, as well as damage to or theft of your property.

You agree not to sue Dove Missions or if applicable, the Host due to the negligence of Dove Missions, the Host or the negligence or intentional acts of third parties. “The Host” refers to the entity or entities (e.g. school, clinic, hospital, organization and/or governmental agency) which invited Dove Mission Volunteers and/or to which you are assigned to serve, and its employees, agents, officers and directors. 

In consideration of the above, You agree to assume all the above risks and any other ordinary risk incidental to the nature of the program, including risks, which are not specifically foreseeable, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Dove Missions and its Board of Directors, employees, agents, and or associates from any and all liability.  Your signature of this document serves as a release and assumption of risk and shall bind heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns for you and all members of your family including any minors accompanying you.  You agree to assume responsibility for any damage or loss to physical property or expenses incurred due to your own or your children’s negligent behavior.

You authorize Dove Missions to use your donation for general operating purposes, including but not limited to, salaries of staff, food for the poor, school supplies, uniforms, as well as medical supplies and transportation.

You agree that you are the guest of the local people and if applicable, the Host and agree to follow all applicable rules, policies and guidelines of Dove Missions, as well as the laws of the Dominican Republic.  If You do not follow all rules, laws, policies and guidelines, Dove Missions has the authority to request you leave the program.  In this case, you agree to leave the community immediately, at your expense and no refund, remuneration or credit will be given in connection with your departure.

Dove Missions may cancel any Service Program at anytime and may reject an application at anytime prior to your arrival.  Dove Missions agrees to refund the total of payment in the event that a) the Service Program is filled when you apply; b) Dove Missions does not accept your application for any reason.  If You cancel for any reason, you must notify Dove Missions in writing at least ten (10) days in advance.  A refund will be given to you less a $25.00 US processing fee.  As stated above, if you are asked to leave the program, it is at Your expense and no refund will be given.

By checking below, it will serve as my signature and I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions, that I give permission and accept financial responsibility for first aid treatment or medical attention for myself and my family if needed.  I agree for photographs to be taken of myself and/or my children during the service activities and utilized by Dove Missions for marketing purposes. 

We will work personally with each individual, family or team to create the service experience you are looking for.  Each trip will be unique and different, co-created with you and personalized to meet your interests and talents.  Rate does not include food (except lunch on full days), lodging, visas or airfare.

After submitting the volunteer release, you will be emailed within 72 hours to finalize your pick up date and time. We look forward to seeing you!