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Youth ambassador program

In the Dominican Republic, nearly one third of youth between the ages of 15-24 are unemployed. A lack of education and training leaves many youth unprepared to enter the formal job market. Dove Missions Youth Ambassador Program is providing employability skills, market-driven technical and vocational skills, supervised professional internships, and follow-up coaching related to job preparation, search, and placement.

The Youth Ambassador Program has many benefits to the young people of Dove Missions and the greater community. The main goal is to educate teens in speaking English, while preparing them for employment through job training and placement. This program empowers youth, giving them self confidence and encouraging them to take leadership roles in their communities to inspire change in the barrio. 

We have 5 students enrolled in this program who are participating in 3 month internships with Lifestyles Resorts. They each have a mentor accompanying them in a variety of the hotel's departments.

Upon successful completion of their internships, Lifestyle's Resorts will offer them jobs. This is an incredible opportunity for our students to have sustainable income and job advancement.

If you would like to sponsor one of the students in the Youth Ambassador program, we are currently asking for support with their transportation to and from the Lifestyle's Resorts and to cover their pay for working 4 days a week at the Center.

More students will be entering their Lifestyle's Resorts internships in the Fall of 2017.

Sponsorship per student  $500 US


cosmetology Class

The purpose of the Cosmetology Class is to provide necessary skills and training for jobs in the local marketplace. While a cosmetology license isn't required in the Dominican Republic, this class will give students adequate training to work at a salon or start an in home business. The class started in 2016 with a certified Dominican instructor teaching the curriculum. The students will receive a diploma from Dove Missions upon completion of the 8 month program. 

There are hundreds of local salons and barbershops throughout the city of Puerto Plata, in addition to upscale salons in resorts and in tourist areas along the entire North Coast.

We need our salon training room fully furnished, in addition to being fully equipped with training supplies as a full service salon.

Salon Toolkits for 14 Students: ($250 per student)            * $3,500 US (Individual “Salon Toolkit” for student includes hair dryer, scissors, chippers, razor, assorted combs and brushes, capes and aprons, flat iron, assorted rollers, clips and hairnets.)

*You may fund one or more students for the class at $250 US per student.

Build Out of Classroom

6 stations with chairs and mirrors   $2,500 US

Shampoo chair/station                  $400.00 US

Hair dryer station                     (2) $1,000  US

                                Total:             *$3,900 US

*You may fund all or a portion of the build out of the classroom, please designate what you would like your donation to purchase.

Operational and teaching Funding for the 2017 class for 14 students $2,700 US

Total Funding needed for 2017 Class $10,000 US

Swim class

Being at the beach or on one of the rivers in the Dominican is big part of the Dominican family’s recreation. It is hard to believe that they live on a coastal city on an island surrounded by water, but most of Dominican kids and adults do not know how to swim.

One of our students, Viviana, who was a member of our center for 8 years, passed away last summer. She was terrified of the water and didn't know how to swim. She fell into the river and drowned. Her friends were unable to save her because they didn't know how to swim. This class is in memoriam of Viviana.We want to ensure all of our students are safe and learn to swim.

Cost to Sponsor Class - 20 Students, 3 months (includes class & supplies) $1,500

Cost to Sponsor Class for 20 Students, 1 month of 3 month program $ 500

Cost to Sponsor 1 Student for 3 month program $ 75

rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

Students at the Center will learn how to prepare soil, germinate seeds, care for seedlings, transplant and care for a variety of vegetables and fruits. The project is an opportunity for the children to learn science, biology, math and healthy nutrition.

Once crops are harvested, children can take home fresh vegetables and fruits to share with their families. Our hope is that the children and their families may be inspired to plant a few vegetables or herbs in an in-home garden box as part of phase 3 of the program.

Potential future expansion could produce enough food for Dove Missions to feed the students fresh, healthy meals year round that were grown on site.

The rooftop garden is dedicated to Patti Riner, who passed away in 2016, and was a long time supporter and friend of the Dove Family.


Surfing and surfboard construction

Dove has partnered with the Happy Dolphins foundation in Cabarete.  This foundation teaches water sports to underprivileged children who have successfully gone on to be surf champions worldwide.  They have offered Dove the opportunity to teach surfing and surf instruction training to enable our children to enter the surfing world in Cabarete, that provides jobs in this industry. The Surf School in Cabarete donated their time, taught our youth how to surf, as well as trained some of our students as Surf Instructors at a small cost to Dove.

Cabarete, almost an hour away from the Youth Center, has presented a challenge to Dove for our participation in the program.  We have to provide transportation, meals, board rental and a stipend to the instructors.  Dove is working with Happy Dolphins to bring surfing classes to Puerto Plata.  This opportunity means the purchase of expensive surf boards.  

Our goal in this program is to teach and train our children who develop an interest in surfing to provide surf classes as a profitable business in Puerto Plata.

 Make our own surf boards as a vocational training program that we use in our Puerto Plata Surf School and possibly sell the remaining surf boards to locals and visitors as a profitable business in Dove.

Donation of $200 US funds one Class for 10 students.

Goal:   10 classes over a 10 week period held in Cabarete  

10 CLASSES X $200 = $2,000 US dollars

Donation of $400 US funds Materials for 1 Surfboard

10 surfboards are needed to complete our surf school in Puerto Plata

 Goal:   10 surfboards x $400 = $4,000 US dollars

 Total Goal: $6,000


The Advanced Scholarship Program was formed to provide our brightest children with a private school education. When you are educated, you are armed for life in a much different way. It changes everything for our kids.

We currently have six children enrolled in this program. These children are performing at the highest academic levels in their school and are already making changes in their own lives, their family's lives and their community. When given the gift of education, these children can be agents of change, bringing hope and pride to their community.

Computer Lab

We have a finished room designated for the lab, currently without furnishings. We are so grateful to have received 10 donated laptops, but we need furnishings and accessories to make this space usable for our kiddos!

It will be used for vocational training courses, as well as serving as a before and after school homework lab.

Sports and recreation

Physical activity strengthens our students' bodies as well as their minds. We can hold regular classes inside our Youth Center, but there is no place in the barrios for our kids to play, just garbage filled beaches and sewage soaked streets. Part of our mission is to provide our children with "...a chance to learn, laugh and share a positive experience within a safe haven."