Dove Missions is a registered charity in the United States

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Liz Rooney, Executive Director and Founder

In 2002 Liz Rooney founded Dove Missions USA as a voluntourism organization.  Liz is a connector, guiding volunteers in a transforming life experience while building relationships and serving the poor.  She started Dove DR’s Youth Development Center in 2007 to help street children. Liz is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives, and is accountable for overseeing operations. Liz resides full time in the Dominican Republic and is available for speaking engagements.

Liz can be contacted at:, +1 612-442-5974 (US) or +1 809-676-4071 (DR)

Martina Hiresova, Operations Director

Originally from Slovakia, Martina now resides in Puerto Plata. Fluent in Spanish and English, she is well suited to the role of the Operations Manager. The Operations Manager oversees the daily functions of the Youth Development Center in a leadership role for all of Dove Missions programs, including our voluntourism, conducted at the Youth Development Center. She is responsible for ensuring the center is a safe and encouraging environment for the youth to gather for activities and have access to the services provided.

Lee-ann Marks, Child Sponsorship Coordinator

Lee-ann is responsible for coordinating our child sponsorship program. This includes communicating with current sponsors and providing updates about their child. She also manages matching up new sponsors with a sponsor child, and coordinating all the logistics such as the paperwork and payments.

Lee-ann resides in Canada and can be reached at

Anna Casale, Volunteer Specialist

Anna plans individual and group trips for our "volun-tourism" program. She started vacationing in the DR in 2008 and felt she was supposed to get more involved with the community after coming to Puerto Plata a few times a year. Anna volunteered with Dove Missions in 2015 and knew right away this was a perfect fit for her to get involved. 

Anna resides in West Virginia in the USA and would love to help get you, your family, your friends, or colleagues set up for your visit with Dove Missions! She can be reached at